Our Approach

Word Atlas helps public authorities with their communication by offering translation services. The translators of Word Atlas are freelancers who live in their home countries in Europe. They are carefully selected and tested. We only work with freelancers who have a Master's degree in languages, who translate into their native language and who are specialised in translation for the public sector.

Our experience has taught us that this type of translation needs extra care, because often reference material, sources and styleguides need to be checked, and the subject matter could be sensitive or complex.

By working with well-trained and experienced translators and by always performing revision, Word Atlas offers outstanding quality.

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Our Mission

Word Atlas' translators have chosen to specialise in translations for the public sector because we have learnt how public authorities, companies and society at large are linked. Well-considered policies and funding could boost society, organisations and innovative companies in a way that benefits all citizens.

We love to contribute to this by helping the public sector to connect. Good communication to inform citizens, support for companies and organisations that strengthen our economies and our well-being, and help for public authorities to implement their policies – that's what we go for!

Sara Reyniers

Sara Reyniers, founder of Word Atlas

Sara Reyniers founded Word Atlas in 2016. Having the background that she requires from the translators, she understands the challenges of the translations and the translation sector at large all too well.

Being a true citizen of Europe, she has lived and worked in three different countries (Ireland, Luxembourg and Belgium), and she has experience with translation for the public sector since 2008, in particular translations for the European Union.

With her international mindset, an entrepreneurial spirit and the conviction that translation for the public sector is her way of contributing to society, she searched for translators with the same field of expertise to start her own translation agency. Word Atlas currently offers translations to the target languages Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Danish.


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