"Get Real", the practical guide on how to live it up

I first heard of Lien De Pau through the network for female entrepreneurs that she founded in Belgium: Zeker van haar Zaak. She's about my age and for several years now, she travels around the world as a digital nomad. How she finances this lifestyle? By being an entrepreneur. Over the years, she has started several companies, turned them into a success and then moved on to a new challenge (and a new location). Her leading principle is living it up.

She has now written her first book about her experience. When reading it, I could immediately sense her enthusiasm. She's found her path, a lifestyle that perfectly suits her needs, and she wants to motivate you to break out of the daily routine and go in search of your own path as she did. Forget about the golden cage, the daily rat race and the weekend filled with obligatory leisure time activities! We need to stop caring about what others think of us. And of course this begins within ourselves.

Do you know what you really want in life? Why are you here, what's your path? To find out, Lien gives a number of tips in her book, for instance the exercise by Steve Pavlina: take a piece of paper, write down the question "What is the real purpose of my life?" and write down the first thing that comes to mind. Continue writing until you write down an answer that makes you cry.

Soooo... no more excuses! Take that piece of paper and get started. And when doubts resurface, think "Come on, get real!" and focus on what's most important to you... or reread the book by Lien De Pau for extra inspiration.